Why Should You Care about Social Media

Many businesses in the Blackstone Valley have common challenges. Certainly one of them is getting exposure for our businesses which is why we joined the Chamber of Commerce. One of the great benefits to joining is the networking component.

Social media is also networking. Virtual networking, with measurable results.

Let’s start by looking at the numbers of Facebook users in the Blackstone Valley of Massachusetts.

  • Northbridge – 3520
  • Whitinsville – 3000
  • Uxbridge – 6260
  • Grafton – 5200
  • Bellingham – 6840
  • Millville – 1040
  • Millbury – 5540
  • Upton – 2640
  • Mendon – 2320
  • Blackstone – 3500
  • Douglas – 3400
  • Sutton – 3020
  • Hopedale – 2400

That is a total of 48,720 people who are on Facebook in our collection of towns! Half of them are active more than 55 minutes a day on Facebook and many view Facebook updates on their mobile devices! Never, ever, have we been able to understand our target audience as easily as we can now and be so connected. Here’s a collection of FBSmarty blogs on targeting. This changes marketing forever.

Our challenges include not having enough time or resources to get it all done. Trying to figure out how to get customers into our stores or clients into our businesses. What makes the most sense? What will get us the best return on our investments of time and resources? Time management can be tricky.

Social Media can seem like a time-sucker with no real end in sight. Where is the concrete return on investment? How much time should we spend on a Facebook Page? What about the other Social Networks? How do we engage? How do we entice people into the sales funnel?

We understand the value of networking. We may belong to the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, BNI and other organizations where we get to know and develop relationships with people on a business level. Once people come to know us and our area expertise, and we get to trust each other, referrals should come naturally, right?  Social Media is no different. We need to build trust with our target audience, develop good relationships with our followers and follow the right people.

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Michelle Fontaine

FBSmarty, Guest Author for Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce