BVCC Sustainable Business Award Winner – Boston Bumper Supply, Inc.

Boston Bumper Supply won the Sustainable Business Award at the BVCC 35th Annual Meeting. Why?
Tim Lewis wins the BVCC Sustainable Business award at 35th Annual BVCC meeting.

Tim Lewis wins the BVCC Sustainable Business award at 35th Annual BVCC meeting.

We know of no other business owner who has built a company based on one hundred percent recycling, outgrew his facilities twice in four years, and saved the community two and a half acres of landfill space in the process. Today Boston Bumper is the largest independent bumper recycler in all of New England – serving wholesale distributors and body shops stretching from Maine to Maryland.

Boston Bumper’s 100 percent recycling program goes full circle and benefits the community all along the way. Damaged bumpers, collected from local body shops, are saved from landfill disposal. 30 percent are deemed repairable and placed into inventory — with customers realizing a 50 percent savings over the cost of a new bumper. The remainder are donated to the Blackstone Valley Recycling Center where they are sold for scrap to be reprocessed into other commodities; monies earned from this endeavor are given back to the community.
At last count of record, (2009-2011) the company had recycled more than 44,000 bumpers. But, it doesn’t stop there. As an auto body school graduate with 20 years in the industry, Tim also donates his time, materials, and expertise to teach advanced repair technologies at vocational schools throughout the state.

Boston Bumper Supply reconditions factory bumper covers. With skilled technicians using tried and tested procedures the end result is a quality bumper cover that is ready to be painted. They use only the highest quality products available to repair their bumpers . Their experienced professionals can quickly identify and price bumper covers using bumper identification software.

Boston Bumper Supply has thousands of bumper covers in their inventory with new bumper covers coming in every day. At Boston Bumper Supply you can view which bumper covers they have in stock. The website inventory is updated daily and they offer free daily shipping within the Boston, Metro West and Providence R.I. areas. Shipping arrangements are also available for anywhere within the U.S. thru one of their distributors.

We congratulate Tim Lewis for this wonderful achievement and his contribution to the community.

5 Credit Issues You Can Easily Avoid

Ever been in a retail establishment, perhaps an upscale boutique or a restaurant, where cash was simply no good? Especially for mature Americans who grew up believing in the atmmachinestrength of the “greenback,” that experience can be a little disconcerting. And yet that’s the way of the world. In today’s society, you need credit…and your credit rating is very much an index that important parties use to decide whether you can be trusted.
Here are five pitfalls which cause millions of people financial hardship, especially old Americans.

We use Too Much Credit!

People who build effective wealth strategies know that credit is a tool. Just like a carpenter doesn’t use a circular saw to start his car, so savvy spenders shouldn’t pile up credit card debt covering daily living expenses. A good rule is to never use more than 35 percent of your available credit and don’t rack up amounts you can’t pay off at the end of the month.

We Use Too Little Credit!

You need a credit rating to buy a car, get a mortgage, or qualify for discounts on home or auto coverage. Once again, your credit rating is used as an index by which important parties decide whether you can be trusted.

We Co-Sign!

If you co-sign for a loan and the primary borrower is tardy making payments or defaults altogether, your own credit rating will take a beating. You, the co-signer, are responsible. Do NOT co-sign for anybody.

We Drown in Student Loans!

Consider this – -Americans owe between $902 BILLION and $1 TRILLION in student loan debt. Student loans are very serious! Before you take on debt to pay for higher education, ask a professional about alternatives.

We Don’t Check Our Credit!

Identity theft is an industry, and banks make mistakes – two legitimate reasons to carefully monitor your credit report. A little vigilance can save you major headaches.

Consider this: our expertise lies in the accumulation of meaningful wealth – – using credit, investment, insurance, and tax strategies. Take a responsible step. Call us!

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Sources: (1) Detweiler, Gerri. “Five Credit Mistakes Older Americans Make” Sept. 4, 2013. (2) “Student Loan Debt Statistics” American Student Assistance. September 4, 2013.