The Tech Tax Repeal Awakening Small Tech businesses (Part 2)

In a continuation of Jim Henderson’s, The Tech Tax Repeal Awakening Small Tech Businesses, this post, also written by Jim Henderson, describes a stronger tech industry in Massachusetts. In addition, you might want to check out Representative George Peterson’s blog, “Not on our Watch” on this subject too.

Massachusetts Tax Tech LawSPARK is one of the groups that will be attempting to answer and help address that question for the little guys and freelancers, the heart of the technology and innovation economy in Massachusetts.

MA High Technology Council is starting a Small Tech Business Initiative. The MA Chambers formed a coalition against the repeal – maybe it can be converted to a coalition to foster tech companies and the innovation economy. Together, there is an opportunity to use this to build a better Massachusetts.

We marveled at the lack of information available online and tools for citizen advocacy. Expect some new tools, or even startups, coming out of Massachusetts as a result.

The Globe described “tech lords” against repeal.  However, I might say that in today’s business fabric, small tech companies – and the technologists who work at them – are the future of the middle class.

People often focus on the sexy, leading edge startups – but it is solid companies and freelancers working on the incredible variety of software, operating systems, and hardware that make up the backbone. According to Tech America, there are 13,500 tech companies in Massachusetts, and 219,000 tech workers in Boston.

It’s time now to look at the policy that ensures this tech industry area thrives. Let’s look at national and global competitio in this area. Make no mistake – the competition for tech companies is fierce, with competitors coming from every state and countries like India, Poland, Brazil, and China.

Having recently moved here from out of state, I can say with certainty that Massachusetts – and particularly this area – is a phenomenal place to live as a tech geek that loves board games and wants to spend time with his 11 month old.   We need to make sure it not only stays that way, but carves out – and keeps – it’s spot as a global leader.

Jim Henderson is the founder and CEO of The Exemplary Group, as well as moderator and contributing blogger for Chief Executive Boards International. He has helped numerous founders and executives navigate and execute solutions to
their most challenging people, product, and pipeline issues.

He moved to Grafton last year and currently spends most of his free time enjoying time with his wife and 11-month old son.

He is a career software entrepreneur, having bootstrapped a company into the Inc. 500 as one of America’s fastest growing company. Jim can be reached at 774-545-5184.