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Certificate of Origin

Need a Certificate of Origin and need it quick?

Well you’re in luck! We are the only Chamber in the State of Massachusetts to offer electronic certificates of origin. At the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce, we can help you get it in as little as thirty minutes!

We give you the tools you need to make your business successful with no hassle!

What is a Certificate of Origin?

A certificate of origin is an international trade document that ensures the goods in an export shipment are obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country. They are also sometimes known as a Declaration of Origin.

Why do I need a Certificate of Origin?

The certificate of origin may be required because of established Treaty arrangements, duty rates, or preferential duty treatment depending on the shipment’s origin.

How Can I Obtain a Certificate of Origin?

Members of the Chamber – $25 per certificate
Non-Members – $50 per certificate
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*Manual certification is offered free of charge to all MEMBERS of the Chamber.
Please set up an appointment to visit us with and bring all paperwork necessary.

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