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Find a Location For My Business

Is a brick and mortar store right for your business? It’s not for everyone but if you think you really need it, then there’s a lot to get right; you need the perfect location, the perfect space, and the perfect decor to bring everything together. When you get a physical location, it embodies your business. It sends a message to your customers and to the public about who you are and what your business is. So it’s important to get it right!

Finding a Space for My Business

Location, location, location

For lots of businesses, getting a great location is key. If you’re relying on foot traffic or need a place that’s convenient for your clients to find and get to, then you need a location that’s central and easy to access.

However, if you’re a company that does all your work at the client’s house or you run a business that doesn’t have much in-person contact but need a space to work out of, finding a place with a lower rent is more important than finding one with a great location.

What Can You Afford?

As in most things, price matters. Can you afford to buy or is it better to rent? How much rent can you reasonably afford? Finding this out may take some research and effort, but without a solid budget, you could get in serious trouble.

How’s Parking?

Parking matters. Unless you’re in a city like New York where no one really has a car, people are going to be driving to your location. And once they get there, they need to park. Whether it’s employees or customers, it’s important to keep in mind how easily or difficult it is to get to your space, and then if parking is available. Because if people know parking is a nightmare, they’re not going to come back!


One of the most important things to check out when you’re looking for a location for your business is zoning! If you’re space doesn’t live up to the Blackstone Valley zoning laws, then you can’t legally run your business from there! So it’s important to check that everything is good to go with the zoning.

Don’t think you need your very own space?

Maybe you don’t need a brick and mortar store, but you need somewhere to have meetings or just get things done. We let our members use our space whenever they need, free of charge. No a member? For a small daily fee you are welcome to join!

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