Friday Update
June 12th, 2020
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bankHometown Makes Challenge Grant to Support Chamber's COVID-19 Support Efforts
" At this morning’s Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce virtual Breakfast Club meeting, bankHometown President and CEO Robert J. Morton announced that the bank is making a $25,000 challenge grant to the Worcester Regional Chamber to help sustain its programs and services in support of local businesses, including those negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Morton announced the grant in his opening remarks as the event’s emcee, with the bank pledging to match dollar-for-dollar all donations made to the chamber by members of the business community through Labor Day, up to $25,000."?
Restaurants are Re-opening, Some Etiquette Guidelines
Yes! Restaurant patios will be open! This is a new world though. You're most likely going to a restaurant that threw together a patio in hopes of making some money. The building was not designed for this. They are trying their best but everything may not be perfect. Eating in the streets is fun but it's going to be hard on the employees. They have to wear a mask and gloves no matter how hot and go possibly a few hundred feet to get more water. They are going to be hot, sweaty and most likely overwhelmed because these restaurants are not set up for this. Please help your servers in this journey by doing the following

1. Don't run your server. Try your best to ask for everything you need at once. Remember it's going to be a long walk from the street into the building for more water or anything else. Help us out by asking all at once
2. No mask jokes or your views on them. The server has to wear it. They have no choice and really your opinion of them while you're eating not wearing one means nothing to them.
3. The server is wearing the mask to protect you and you have nothing on to protect them. Wash your hands.
4. You eat. You go. Eat your meal. Have some drinks but please do not sit at a table all night unless you continue to spend money. These restaurants are working with very limited space. They can't afford for you to order 2 side salads and water and sit there 4 hours. Yes, people actually do that. All the time.
5. Don't come out if you’re sick.
6. Social distancing. Keep your kids at the table. Yes. They're cute but if they are running around they are getting too close to other people.
7. Cut everyone some slack. Everything may be a bit slow because this is basically a new job for everyone. Be kind.
8. Tip. They are going to be sweating wearing masks all to make a buck. Please treat them right and leave a decent tip. If you can't afford to tip you can't afford to go out.
9. Be pleasant. You should be happy. You're finally out.
10. Realize that the staff is doing their best.
11. Remember you have 3 meals a day every day of your life. This is only one of them. Calm down and enjoy it!
12. Please share!
Build a Better Business Webinar
Position Your Business for Greater Brand Awareness and Profitability in a Post-Pandemic World
June 23, 2020 01:00pm

Get the latest tips from a panel of leading experts in finance, marketing, operations, strategy, HR, and sales from the Greater Boston area.

What will you learn?

  1. Effective customer relationship approaches for increased sales
  2. Tools and strategies for increased productivity across your company
  3. Resources for greater efficiency and higher profit margin
  4. Methods for evaluating and developing skilled talent
Join New England Chamber of Commerce Executives, Business Leaders, and Policymakers to Discuss the Local and Regional Economic Opportunities of Offshore Wind
June 23, 2020 01:00pm

Offshore wind has a unique opportunity at this moment in time to benefit the US economy and environment. The pipeline of offshore wind projects is estimated to deliver approximately $100 billion in economic investment, more than 80,000 jobs, and provide enough electricity to power millions of homes.
New England stands at the forefront of this new American energy industry with multiple large projects in development that will deliver thousands of megawatts of clean energy to the grid. One developer, Vineyard Wind, has secured projects in both Massachusetts and Connecticut, with its first project Vineyard Wind 1 planning to receive final permits by the end of 2020 and its Connecticut project, Park City Wind, entering the permitting process this year. These projects will not only deliver competitively priced energy to the Massachusetts and Connecticut ratepayers but will also bring thousands of high-paying jobs, considerable economic investment, and demand for a deep, regional supply chain.
Join your chamber colleagues, business executives, and policy makers to learn more about how this emerging industry will deliver economic benefits to the regional, state, and local economies and how businesses can benefit from the vast supply chain needed to support offshore wind developments. Attendees will also get an update on the regulatory status of projects as Vineyard Wind 1 plans to begin construction this year.
Resiliency Roundtables
June 24, 2020
10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
June 26, 2020
1:00 - 2:30 PM

CEO Peer-Advisory Agenda:
90 minutes – Once/month facilitated by Bill Flynn, Catalyst Growth Coach
· Check-in – 15-20 minutes
· Growth Tool review – 10-15 minutes
· Business issues – Accountability partner pairing – 45-50 minutes
· Closing/Action – 5-10 minutes
Free until September – $299/month thereafter – one-year paid commitment
Up to 10 participants per roundtable.
New Members of the BVCC
Please take moment and check out our most recent new members. Support them if you are able by purchasing gift cards, ordering take-out, or scheduling an appointment for a later date. We thank you all! Welcome New BVCC Members!
?Nor’Easter Roofing Inc. · Rob Chaille · 508-341-3261 · · · Roofing

The Crafty Nest DIY · Lesley Woods · 508-341-3781 · · · Retail – Arts and Crafts

Berry Insurance · Kaitlyn Pintarich · 508-528-5200 · · ·

The Candy Shoppe · Todd Wellette · 508-865-0085 · · Retail – Candy Shop

SERVPRO Worcester · Angelique Harvey · 508-757-7885 · · · Security

Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas · Daniel Shapiro · 781-419-3704 · · · Industrial Equipment Supplies

Human Power Solutions · Sandra Kearney · 617-575-9959 · · · Consulting
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