A fine example of a Chamber Champion!
Representative Mike Soter & Team
Shout out to Representative Michael Soter, PJ's in Bellingham, Goodstuff in Blackstone, Uxbridge Senior Center, and many other volunteers!
This fantastic team coordinated meal delivery to over 640 residents throughout the 8th Worcester District
on Easter Sunday.
We heard the meal was delicious, plentiful and delivered "touch free". Way to go, Champs!

Fundraisers & FUNraisers!
Covid -19 Medical Face Shield Project
Please help by donating to support this 3D printing project being lead by several Technical High Schools throughout the Northeast.
The need for medical shields to protect our front line heroes are in high demand. In order to meet the demand, funds are needed to purchase supplies. The team has been flooded by support across Massachusetts and New York to print face shields and demand is increasing.
All donations are appreciated. Stay safe everyone!
Shield & Support: An Online Event to Support Shields for Healthcare Workers

The above mentioned 3D fundriaser's Go Fund me page will get 20% of all Neora Sales from 4/16/20-4/19/20 Thursday, April 16th 7PM. Then, the Go Fund me Page with get 10% of orders From 4/20/20 - 4/30/20 given to Lisa that are derived from this group with code “Shield & Support”. People can be invited into the group and can request to Join the group by sharing this link: Https://www.facebook.com/groups/361069921470591/?ref=share

Participants will be directed to place their order with Lisa or the Team member who invited them. Orders will be set up for a ONE Time shipment only.

Orders will be placed for the product from a secure website that will ship the product direct to consumer with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Lisa Theoharides
Neora Founding Brand Partner

What is Uxbridge HELPS? Uxbridge HELPS is a way to match community organizations with those who are in need of some extra help during the COVID-19 crisis. Requests for Assistance will close each week on Saturday evening. The Board of Health will match requests to volunteer organizations on Sunday, and volunteers will be asked to fulfill requests no later than Tuesday morning.

What organizations are involved? Many organizations from the community have stepped up to help those in needs. We are grateful to the following organizations for their generosity:
· Cub Scouts Pack 25
· Boy Scouts Troop 25
· People First Food Pantry
· Uxbridge Democratic Town Committee
· Valley Chapel
· Uxbridge-Millville Housing Association (Crown and Eagle Mill and Blanchard School apartments)
· Uxbridge Senior Center
· Cornerstone Church
· Uxbridge Free Public Library
· Uxbridge Housing Authority
· St Mary’s
· Whitin Intermediate Parent Teacher Organization
· Family Continuity

What services are available? We are currently equipped to provide the following services and may add others on at a later date:
· Food assistance
· Assistance with other essential personal and household supplies
· Face masks
· Transportation
· Pet care
· Daily check-in telephone calls

If you have a need or require a service that is not listed above, please check this list of available support services in the Uxbridge area. If you do not see an option that meets your need, please submit a request to Uxbridge HELPS and we will do our best to match you with an organization that can meet that need.

How do I request a service? To request a service, please fill out the Request for Assistance form (link below). Alternatively, you can contact the Uxbridge Board of Health at 508-278-8600 ext. 8 to request a service. Requests will be processed weekly. You will then be contacted by a member of the organization with which you are matched to coordinate details for your specific situation. If your request is more urgent, please contact the Uxbridge Board of Health at the number above rather than using the online form.

How do I offer services? If you are a member of an organization looking to get involved with Uxbridge HELPS, please fill out a Request for Volunteers form (link below). If you are an individual, please consider contacting these organizations for volunteer opportunities. Other ways you can help your community include donating to the People First Food Pantry and giving blood.

Is my information kept confidential? Yes – only the information needed to complete the request will be provided to the partnering organization. That information will only be shared with those directly involved with completing the request.



Let's show our love and appreciation for the essential workers of the Blackstone Valley by simply placing a heart in your window or door. Essential workers will see these hearts on their way to and from work and it will be an uplifting reminder of how they are making a difference and we fully support them along the way!

Participate in creating a heart with your family, and post a picture of it on social media using the hashtag #HeartBlackstoneValley.

We are all in this together, we are one community united.