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Exclusive Connections

Why is joining a local Chamber of Commerce so beneficial? It’s not just the member-to-member deals or the free help and advice for everything to do with your small business. The one thing that really makes the difference is the access to exclusive connections that come with being a part of the Blackstone Valley of Commerce.

Consider the numbers.

Absolutely! We know how much of a modern business is run online, so we made it easy to notarize documents digitally as well!

You spend

on coffee every year.

You spend

eating out every year.

These things have no ROI for your business.

A yearly membership to the Chamber is only $315.

And the ROI you get back could be endless if you take advantage of the right opportunities.

The impact

So what is the real impact of joining the membership?

You’ll get a 50% increase in consumer awareness. And once you have their attention, make the most of it!

That results in a 75% increase in the likelihood of future patronage. And that means a solid ROI.

Does local networking even matter anymore?

YES!!! In person, local networking still is king. While the average email only has a 5% click through rate, 85% of people say that face-to-face networking builds stronger, more meaningful relationships. These relationships turn into business expansion, a bigger customer base, and more trust for your business. Talk about ROI!

Where do I get these exclusive connections?

Our president and CEO, Jeannie Hebert is truly the star of our Chamber. She knows everything and everyone you could possible need to get in touch with to run a successful business in the Blackstone Valley.

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