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WHO: This event is ideal for the small marketing firm, the entrepreneur, the hobbyist, the marketer and the non-profit volunteer. Facebook can be a powerful tool for all these entities. We focus on the small business or organization and how to make the most out of small marketing budgets.

In addition, we offer 3 seats for people aligned with a 501�3 non-profit organizations. These scholarships offer a $100 discount on the cost of the course. No other discount applies.

WHAT: Six weeks – 2 hours a week – Online classes or in our Douglas, MA classroom. Every student is registered online and, during the class, can interact with the teacher through chat mode or through their computer microphone.

Prior to each class, the presentation is made available to the students for printing. Class 1 covers profiles from a research, networking and privacy point-of-view. Class 2 covers the creation of your Fan/Branding Facebook Page. Class 3 through 6 cover advanced topics such as custom iframe pages which are the heart of creating a unique view of your business and a focus on your strategy, Social Plugins, Events and Ecommerce, Facebook ads, Promotions, Enews and Blogging, Insights, Places, Mobile and more. Each topic is covered in depth and incorporates time for students to ask questions. See the Syllabus here.

Recordings of the class are made available after the class for review and for those times the class time doesn’t fit into your schedule. In addition, transcripts of the class are also provided for the student. We recommend both the presentation and the transcript be printed for your resource material.

WHERE: From the comfort of your home or office! You may attend this live course from your computer. No long distance telephone call or travel expenses! You may also choose to come to our Douglas, MA classroom. It is expected, during inclement weather, that you will hop on and partake via the on-line option.

WHEN: Our next course starts Tuesday, April 12th for 6 consecutive Tuesdays from 7-9 p.m.

WHY: With your new skills, you will be able to quickly implement effective Facebook marketing, attract new fans, customers and prospects and gain a unique competitive advantage. This course will ensure you utilize the full potential of Facebook.


How it Works

  1. Though the course is offered online, it is a live event – You can listen and then participate through the chat mode or with your computer microphone.
  2. Your unique registration link – When you register you will receive a registration email with a link which is your unique link and will work for all 6 classes. We try to send out reminder emails during the course, and you can request a new registration email, but the unique link to you will be the same in all of these emails. Be sure to keep this link handy. It will also provide you access to the area where the training materials are kept.
  3. The training materials are – (1) The class presentation which is provided a day or two prior to the class, (2) The recording which is uploaded several days after the class, (3) the transcript of the class which is uploaded several days after the class, (4) any additional materials for the class.
  4. Support and communication with the class is offered through a secret student Facebook Group. That is how the teacher will share information, ask questions, provide support, answer questions during the week, and the students also get to know each other in this environment. Secret groups mean neither the members or the content is visible to anyone but the group.
  5. You will be able to apply what you are learning right away. Each class provides ample knowledge and tactics that you’ll want to implement.
  6. True value is the cost of this course. For a little over $20 per classroom hour, or $250 for the entire 6 weeks, you can apply cutting edge strategy to your marketing efforts!

Convinced? Register here!

Questions? Give Michelle a call at 508-769-9137

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