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Blackstone Valley Educatin HubLocated in the historic Linwood Mill, which is geothermal, the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce (BVCC) is definitely walking the walk when it comes to innovation and clean energy.

BVCC was just selected as one of 5 local and state chambers across the country to receive an Economic Development grant from the US Chamber of Commerce. The grant allows the Chamber to implement a work-based learning program to help the local community address the talent gap. BVCC is now creating a Career Readiness Lab in the Blackstone Valley Ed Hub, created by the BVCC in the Linwood Mill, which includes renewable energy tech training and a state of the art makers space. The innovative program is set to serve 10 local high school districts with employer led training designed to help fill the skills gap/ needs of the local workforce.

“We are really excited to be the home of the Career Readiness Lab,” said President and CEO of the BVCC Jeannie Hebert. “We are so glad to be able to help the students in our communities be prepared for the working world. It is a wonderful opportunity for the Blackstone Valley to develop workforce training programs alongside our manufactures.”

Jeannie Hebert, President and CEO of the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce

During a recent meeting with Energy and Environment Secretary Matt Beaton, Jeannie Herbert asked how the Baker Administration was thinking about workforce readiness for the Bay State. Secretary Beaton said, “the state had educational programs and public-private partnerships on workforce readiness.” He said, “that a partnership with chambers would be welcome.”

Jeannie Hebert also stated that local chambers throughout the country are uniquely positioned to help fill the clean energy talent gap and economic development needs of their communities. “We all want our communities to be engaged in the clean economy future. To make this happen, we must make address workforce readiness. I’m happy to share how we do this in our community with all local chambers and economic development professionals.”

The Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce strives to promote the economic vitality of the Blackstone Valley, meet the needs of the Chamber’s business members and provide leadership on issues that enhance the economy and quality of life in the Valley.

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