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A good financial strategy is the basis for every successful business. At the BVCC, we understand this and we offer resources both to entrepreneurs and banks to facilitate networking and encourage growth for both parties.

What financing services does the Chamber of Commerce offer for my bank?

Banks can pay for sponsorships and be one of our featured banks, which puts you in the perfect position to offer loans and support startups while continuing to generate more business for the bank itself.

BVCC offers referrals to your commercial lenders from our member businesses. We also provided one-on-one concierge service to accompany our members to help make the whole process simple to secure loans with your bank.

What financing services does the Chamber of Commerce offer for my business?

When a business is looking to expand, a financial plan needs to be put in place. The BVCC offers free business counseling to ensure that our clients approach the banks with the best possible financial strategy that will give them the optimum chances of getting the loan they need.

Additionally, having the networking relationship with the banks gives our clients all the more chance of receiving the loan they need.

We also work closely with the State Funding Agency, an organization that offers government grants for various types of work that benefit the community. An option that our clients may not have thought of, our partnership opens the door to a funding option that can make their business venture a reality.

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