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A business is only as strong as its marketing plan. The backbone for every startup and small business is an effective strategy that incorporates both traditional and digital marketing methods. At the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce our experts offer the latest marketing advice and the best options for emerging entrepreneurs. After a meeting with our consultants, your startup will have the best chance possible for success in your marketing ventures.

How does the BVCC help Members with Marketing?

The Chamber allows member to:

  • Advertise in newsletters
  • Promote their business on social media channels
  • Display collateral in Chamber office
  • Participate in Kiosk Tourism Program
  • Have a bio on the web site
  • Post press releases across the Chamber channel

Why is marketing important to my business?

Marketing is all about catching people’s attention and converting them into a lead, or a person likely to generate revenue for the business. Marketing strategies are the way that you capture attention of people in a positive way and show them why it’s worth making a purchase or becoming a customer. This requires a carefully tailored method of marketing that reaches people and introduces them to your company, while giving them a clear benefit to the use of your product or service.

What is the difference between traditional and digital marketing?

Traditional marketing focuses on the more conventional methods of drawing people into your business and grabbing their attention. Things like flyers, commercials, billboards and newsletters are all more traditional methods of marketing, tried and true classics that have a history of success.

Digital marketing is the new age of business promotion. With the dawn of the internet, the digital age has revolutionized marketing options and opened the door to dozens of promotional options. Things like email marketing, content marketing, video marketing, social media campaigns, or web design have taken over the more traditional methods of business marketing.

This is not to say that traditional promotional strategy does not have its place in a business strategy. Striking the perfect balance between digital and traditional is a balancing act that our consultants can help you achieve.

Why is digital marketing so important?

Marketing in general is all about reaching people. Digital marketing has opened the door to dozens more ways for businesses to reach customers with more cost effective methods, hence the new prevalence of the digital method.

Additionally, traditional print has made a mass immigration to the online world. Placing an ad in the newspaper used to work very well, but now, the vast majority of people read newspapers online rather than in print. Digital methods have taken over not just due to the innovation and new methods, but due to necessity. Promotions have to go where the customers are and the customers have moved online.

Is traditional marketing a waste of time?

Not at all! Traditional marketing has changed dramatically since the introduction of the internet, but printed literature remains a crucial part of any marketing strategy. It may have changed faces a bit, but the content that your business generates is just as important now as it was back when people read actual newspapers.

Flyers, newsletters, and commercials have morphed into digital versions of themselves, but the basic principles remain, and traditional marketing ideals are a great method of generating a marketing strategy.

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